Waiting for Blasting and Painting

This would’ve been a good weekend to start sandblasting and painting the frame. Unfortunately, my budget is making me wait. I need to buy a sandblaster and paint gun, which aren’t all that expensive, but other things like an air compressor and welder have taken up quite a bit of money. This is giving me time to think about the project overall, and what I want the car to look like when it’s done.

I want this car to be able to travel 1,000 miles at a time without a problem, but also be able to hit the race track when inspiration strikes. I also don’t want the exterior of the car to look like a race car, other than perhaps a rollbar.

Upgrading to CV axles is probably going to be one of the most expensive upgrades on this car (other than electronic fuel injection), but I think it will be worth the price long term. I don’t want the car to require a lot of ongoing maintenance once it is finished. The CV axles should help accomplish that goal. Fuel injection should help as well. These will help on the open road and the track. But they also mean more cost, which means a longer time frame.

Hopefully the next couple weeks will free up some dough so I can get this frame ready for parts. That will feel like a real milestone.


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